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Open Triples Tournaments

The Northern and Southern Triples Tournaments were held this past weekend.  The smoky air almost cancelled the events but a good breeze in Edmonton improved the air quality and the Calgary competitors were a very hardy bunch.  Thank you to the Highlands and the Stanley Park clubs for hosting the events.

And the winners were:  Gerald Hoffe, Pat Vos and Shannon Ross Watson for the Northern event and Dwayne Hauck, Justin Dusablon and Mike O’Reilly for the Southern event.   Congratulations to all the players!  For further results see the Provincial Results page:


Mixed Pairs Medalists

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Eight teams competed in the 2018 Mixed Pairs Championships this year, a small fraction of past years!  But competition was still fierce, the weather was memorable, and no one was around but the players and the umpire and drawmaster when it was all over.  A much different tournament than most in many ways!


Kieth Wylie, playing with Shannon Roden, took the Gold and hoisted the President’s Mixed Pairs Championship trophy.  They will represent AB at the Canadian Mixed Pairs Championships being held the 2nd week of September in Qualicum Beach, BC. This will be Shannon’s first experience at a national event!

Two of our veterans, Roger Allen and Julie Ford, took the Silver.

Kevin Dusablon, with his wife Brittany as lead, took the Bronze.  This is their first medal performance in our province and was Brittany’s first provincial tournament.









Mixed Pairs Championships

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Commonwealth Club in Edmonton is set to host the provincial Mixed Pairs Championships this coming weekend. For further information and for the preliminary draw see the Next Tournament Information Page.


Plan to drop by and enjoy the games.  The Gold medalists of this Championship get to represent AB at the Canadian Mixed Pairs Championship being held in Qualicum Beach in September.


Good luck to the 8 registered teams!

Classic Tournament by Barb & Ken Olsvik

A huge shout out to Barb and Kenny (Specialty Turf Care) who hosted another classy tournament this past weekend at the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club. This tournament might not be the largest in Alberta in participant numbers but it is the largest and best AB tournament in regards to sponsorship and prize money awarded and in attraction of players from a variety of clubs and even provinces!  Probably the loudest one as well when you factor in the excitement of the players and the fabulous music!  A fantastic time was had by all the players!  Thank you Barb, Ken, the family of Derek who helped out in a variety of ways, and to Calgary Lawn BC.

Below is a selection of photos….for more see the Calgary Lawn Bowling page on Facebook.


Medicine Hat Memorial Triples another huge success!

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The Medicine Hat LBC was taken over this past weekend by teams from Lethbridge as well as teams from Edmonton’s Royal and Highland clubs!  15 Triples teams along with another handful or two of volunteers enjoyed each other’s company whether on the green in an intense game, whether in the club house over a cup of coffee or lunch, whether sharing a barbecue dinner together, or whether playing in some competitive finals games. There is a rumor as well about some late night patio party at a hotel that was enjoyed by the out of town guests.


Thank you to Howard Davison for helping run the tournament and many thanks to the volunteers from the Medicine Hat club that put on such a fantastic event. It was great to have Sandy Morrice, past president of the MH club and one of the founders of the event, show up to present the winning trophy.


The overall winner of the tournament was the Highlands team of Barb Spencer, Tony Spencer and Monika Pachan.  Congratulations to all the division winners and runner-ups:  full results here.




Singles Medalists set to go to Regina

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The Provincial Singles Championships concluded on July 15 already!  Before sharing photos of the winners I extend a thank you to the many markers that helped keep the games rolling for the players.  Members from Royal and the Highlands clubs helped round out the many that helped from the Commonwealth club.  Also a thank you goes out to the those that helped provide the meals and snacks during the weekend.


And now presenting the medalists all going on to represent AB at the Canadian Singles Championships to be held later in August in Regina:

Bev Robinson (Bronze), Jan Robinson (Gold) , Claire Day (Silver)

Roy Riege (Silver), Greg Wilson (Gold), Pat Bird (Bronze)











Outdoor Singles Championships

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Commonwealth Club is set to host the Outdoor Singles Championships this coming weekend.  For further information and for the draws see the Next Tournament Information Page.


There will be some great competition at this tournament!!  Plan to drop by and enjoy the games.  We are also still looking for markers for the games and your help is always very much appreciated by the players.

Coach Derek to assume role of Manager for the Canadian Championship AB Team

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Coach Derek will be accompanying the Alberta Pairs and Fours teams that go to the Canadian Championships being held in Regina and will both coach and manage the team. We thank Derek for his time!  He is also attending the Youth Championships to coach our six youth attending that event the week before.


This is a reminder to all the Youth and to the AB Pairs and Fours Teams of the Development and Team Camps Derek is hosting as follows:

Youth Development Camp
July 21, 10 am at Highlands Club

Team Alberta Camp
August 11, 10 am at Commonwealth Club


We trust all players will do their best to attend and take advantage of the opportunity to prepare for representing AB at the Canadian Championships!

Alberta Pairs Medalists

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Rain dominated the play on Friday evening of the Pairs Championships this past weekend and this poured over into the play on Saturday morning.  But by the afternoon the sun poked out once and a while and the clouds rolled in on and off and there was only a minor sprinkle for the players to survive.  By Sunday all the players were once again baking in the summer sun.


Great games were played over the weekend with some very fierce competitions between the ‘old’ guard of players and the ‘new’ developing players and a combination of both.  In the men’s division, there was great depth to the field of players; in the women’s division we had a display of talent of some up and coming players.


Results are on the Provincial Results page.   Congratulations to Claire Day & Amanda Berg, Gold medalists, and to Cecilia Gillespie & Pat Vos, Silver medalists and to Pat Bird & Jon MacDonald, Gold medalists, who will represent AB at the Canadian Championships being held in Regina from August 22 – 26.

AB Pairs Championships at Commonwealth Club

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The Provincial Pairs Championships will be held this coming weekend at the Commonwealth LBC in Edmonton.  For further details players can check out the “Next Tournament Information” page.

After a round robin tournament for all the teams, playoffs for the medals will be begin around noon on Sunday.  You can come watch the games anytime over the weekend but spectators for the playoffs is most appreciated.

The Gold and Silver women’s teams and the Gold men’s team will represent Alberta at the Canadian Championships held in August in Regina, SK.